Breaking news: Kim Jong-Un visited the "Mecca" of Scotch whisky, Island of Islay

According to information flooding the internet in Japan early this morning, ( キム、北朝鮮 ) Kim Jong-un, North Korea's supreme commander, performed his first informal visit to Scotland, while the official channel of North Korea shows pictures from the visit.



This journey, according to the same sources, is part of the plan "The Voice of North Korea in Europe"and inaugurates a new policy for the potent North Korean leader without, though, being clarified whether any other official or unofficial meetings with governments have been scheduled. Mr. Kim's journey surprised the UK Goverment, the EU as well as the whole international political scene, which monitors all these developments, while the UN's General Secretary Mr. Ban Ki-moon called an extraordinary meeting of the UN Security Council, in order to develop a common policy and an official announcement is expected.

It is well known that Kim Jong-un is passionate with Scotch Whisky and probably this is the reason for his decision to start the North Korea Promotion Plan from Scotland. According to ( ), Kim Jong-un has been an active supporter of the Scottish Independence during the referandum in September 2014. Furthermore, in a recent interview to a German magazine he has reported that one of his dreams is to experience a visit to a Scottish Distillery and come across with the whisky production process.

He arrived to the "Mecca" of Scotch whisky, the Island of Islay with his private jet on the 30th of March 2016 together with North Korea's Ministry of Foreign Trade Mr. Ri Ryong Nam is responsible for the implementation of the 10 year Goverment Programme to establish Whisky Production Industry in North Korea. The North Korean Leader, stayed at a luxury cottage in Port Ellen which has been surrounded by many UK secret agents.


During his visit, he had the opportunity to make a tour around the famous distilleries of the island, while having the chance to cut peat, (it's an organic fuel, a fossil carbon that is formed in the subsoil and Islay's whiskey is renowned for its peat and smoky character), fill the kilns with peat, as well as spread barley on the malting floors. In all the distilleries he enjoyed the exceptional Islay hospitality and tried rare whisky which only the visitors of the distilleries have the chance to taste and buy. From what we are able to know, Kim spent a couple of thousands pounds in buying various limited edition whisky bottles.


Among others, he visited the Museum of Islay Life in the Port Charlotte, the Bowmore Round Church, the Carraig Fhad, while he stated to the Korean Central Television (KCTV) that the Islay's iconic Port Ellen (which is the chief port on the island and the main gateway to Islay for most visitors)  stole his heart.



According to the same sources, the Japanese whisky producers are rather annoyed with Kim Jong-un's vision to establish Whisky Production Industry in North Korea. Under the 10 year Goverment Programme, it is estimated that more than 50 Distilleries are going to open in the next few years. In addition, the Government has just concluded the signing of bilateral agreements with China for the supply of barley and industrial equipment. 

Finally, Kim Jong-Un took the time to do some whisky tasting and write some reviews on behalf of Single Malt Lodge.

Happy April Fools' day!!!


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